Rajiv Satyal Dating Indian Women

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Rajiv Satyal is a Los Angeles-based comedian, host, and speaker. You’re welcome to hit the orange button below to hire Rajiv, interview Rajiv, seek Rajiv’s. Rajiv Satyal, the Indian American comedian who built a career of telling self-deprecating jokes about being single, is celebrating his newfound relationship by.

Dating Indian women - Indian Stand Up Comedy - Rajiv Satyal
He co-founded the world-touring Make Chai, Not War. He straddled both worlds, so his advice was particularly brilliant. I want to warmly welcome you to our show this evening. Tell us about leaving your corporate job and getting on stage to do your comedy. While in college, Rajiv dabbled in everything from politics interning on Capitol Hill in to comedy winning The Funniest Person in Cincinnati amateur contest. Can he do it?

Newlywed Rajiv Satyal Gives Free Advice To Single Men

Indian Invasion Comedy Torrent. They do private gigs.

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rajiv satyal dating indian women

Why not go for it. There are so many touch points and I love those points. Vijai breaks every taboo as she exposes the underbelly of an Indian American family. Rajiv was often heard on various Cincinnati radio stations, seen in many local newspapers and magazines, and found onstage regularly as an MC and a Feature act at Midwest comedy clubs and colleges.

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  1. I'm in early retirement living in the mountains of Northern New Mexico taking care of a small ranch. It's a little isolated here. That's why I'm here wanting to know if anyone would be interested.

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