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back number - 「ハッピーエンド」Music Video
One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was agreeing to cooperate in the making of it. As the creepy music crescendos, the camera whips around to show flashes of pitch-black darkness and the silky-white death shroud. When she dropped to 80 pounds, she was hospitalized and fed intravenously. Karen and Todd, we love you to death. But her biggest issue concerned her body image.

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Hilderbrand slyly nods to all three interpretations. What do you say to that? The background music is louder, more terrifying. I will not wear that hip-hugger thing, Mother.

Now in front of a closet, she cracks open the door just enough to give her the first look at what will be exposed to the rest of us in the next instant. The strip malls may look alike, but the superficial similarity belies incredibly varied goods, including bootleg videos of foreign content imported from overseas or taped from satellite broadcasts on the West Coast. At 5-foot-4 and pounds in her late teens, she went on the low-carb Stillman Diet, slimmed down to pounds and managed to maintain her weight through the mids. Hilderbrand slyly nods to all three interpretations.

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