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Whose line is it anyway - Hats Compilation
Download the latest version here. Playing dumb admittedly not difficult for them , they ask what the structure is for and insist she demonstrate, then lock her inside the box office with the newly attached latch. Chul-soo should buck up and give it a proper try instead of taking his first rejection, and Hae-shim should be honest about how she feels. Min-young spots Moo-jin arriving outside with Hye-ri, and that makes her smile.

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She has very low survival prognosis, and this makes Min-young insistent that they hurry to make the most of her remaining time. Byung-hoon points out that they have the problem of Chul-soo being left behind, but the others all argue that it would be better to let the couple have their time. He says stiffly that it would just be the person closest in vicinity, but Min-young says she thinks it would be the person who cares the most.

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12 wliia dating agency videos

The operation centers around the next fire drill, which starts with Arang asking Chul-soo to help with someone who collapsed. Byung-hoon tells Grandma of his decision to drop the case. Rather than address that, she mumbles an excuse about just being surprised to see Master there. Grandma chides that everyone thinks of people with terminal illness as those already dead, just waiting to head on to the afterlife.

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