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Smack the Pony - Dating Agency Videos 3 collect the videos you love collect | share | explore. A sketch from the much underrated britcom Smack the Pony. This is one of the fabled "Dating Agency" sketches.

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All of the innocent suspects are currently loopy and speaking stream-of-consciousness gibberish, because they were given a drug to prevent space sickness, and the guilty party is faking it. She knows that a certain Aes Sedai is Black Ajah and needs to prove it to the rest. Raquel around 10 has a crush on his Cure partner Rikka When Kaworu shows up, he gives away his true nature to Shinji by referring to humanity as "Lilim". He learned this when he started to fall in love with Sakura. Nagi 13 in Hayate the Combat Butler has a crush on Hayate This is played with, because Pinoko is actually 18 years old at least.

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  • Sakura Kinomoto was like this with the teenaged Yukito it was a CLAMP production , though they gave it a plot-related propping up towards the end and the two of them ultimately end up with other people Sakura falls for Syaoran; Yukito, for her brother Touya..
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smack the pony dating agency

This being Evangelion, Asuka handles rejection badly since it feeds her complex of being "unwanted". Kuriko, a kindergartener, gets a crush on high-schooler Nenji because he saves her from some bullies and looks like her older brother, who is abroad. Happens to Miroku of course and a young girl named Koharu, although we only see the second half of it. Another story involves the classic thrown object, with the twist that the perp is the thrower. Smith immediately reveals he had no evidence for this and the purpose of his mission was to extract the information from the Germans.

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