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Healthy Families, Safe Communities. Keystone First — Putting safety first. Teen dating violence. Safe dating for your teen —. Healthy Families, Safe Communities. Keystone First — Putting safety first. What can you do if you think it’s abuse? Safe Dating for Your Teen.

Dating Matters®: Communities for Healthy Teen Dating
Never leave your drink unattended because someone can either spike it or put an unknown drug in it. Even if you are unsure whether it was a rape or not they can help you. Have them in hand before you leave the building you are coming from as having to fish around in your pocket or purse can leave you vulnerable for just enough time for something dangerous to happen while you are not paying attention. This will make it easier for your partner to know and accept your decision.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month

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communities safe teen dating

This is in case you or your friends become drunk; at least there are others there to make you look and feel less vulnerable to potentially dangerous situations. Further, a doctor can also gather evidence that can be used to prosecute the offender. You might think you know what is in it and what it will do to you, but it only takes a moment for someone to add an additional drug or other substance to that drink to make you much more intoxicated and vulnerable then that drink should have made you.

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