Teen Dating Guidelines

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Six Rules for Teen Dating. Establish rules early on for such things as curfews and dating activities -- before your teen starts coming up with his or her own. From a parent's perspective, teen dating can be a challenging situation to maneuver. Establishing guidelines for everyone can help make it easier.

Teen Girl Gets Sound Dating Advice from Dr. Phil
But wants to either go into ministry, or be a pastor, or something like that. But it can be worrisome, too. I have curly hair, so that epic comment really had me going there for a sec.

6 Common Dating Rules Parents Set for Christian Teens

Even if your child is not dating, she can still become emotionally attached to a boy over the phone. For instance, when kids go out with someone and use drugs or alcohol , it might compromise their judgment. So, yeah, typical teenage. Is that the puddle?

2. Talk openly about dating issues.

teen dating guidelines

It can also help kids stay safe and make better decisions. Also, try not to sound judgmental when sharing your views. That kind of thing can only come from you, and hopefully, a biblical perspective. Understand what dating means to your child. Why go out with someone who does not have your values?

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